Strategic Foresight for Leadership


A leadership team with a long-range perspective on the organization and its projects is an invaluable asset. A Futures and Foresight Retreat as organized by ROROSORO can help your current and forthcoming leadership re-orient their strategic approach and take your group forward with confidence. Learn more about Strategic Foresight.

ROROSORO offers two types of Futures and Foresight Retreats to help you.



Let us do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll organize an appropriate space, accommodations, transportation, food, and recreation for you and your team on any one of the Hawaiian Islands. When your team is not working hard on learning and deploying futures methods, they can relax and enjoy our beautiful islands and all they have to offer.

Both four-day and six-day retreats include presentations, workshops, and organization specific consultation with leading futures researchers. More details are available after a consultation with our staff.




Already have a retreat scheduled? ROROSORO is prepared to bring the futures retreat agenda to any location of your choosing. We are able to integrate our programming with ongoing retreat activities, or bring the same four and six day workshop agendas to new venues.

We view retreats as immersive experiences for your team to engage with the methods and praxis of alternative futures and foresight. Thus we want your team to be open and at ease as we go through each days work. If you already know where that place is for your troop, ROROSORO is happy to travel.