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Interactive Sytems

Elements composing the first iteration of the SES prototype.

Making Meaning

We view interactive systems as the connections between collections of content and actions of users.  With careful and intentional design, such systems can become significant engines of meaning creation – generating useful insights, critique, and creativity.

Artifacts and Entities

Speculative Objects

Useful images of the future are “lived in,” animated by all manner of things. Some of these things might be considered more alive than others, but even the most mundane creature or object from our possible futures can unveil surprising characteristics.


Personas and Narratives


Demos Futuras

Just as alternative futures contain many different artifacts, it is often useful for our clients to put these artifacts in motion with the hypothetical people and stories that compose future worlds. Find out more about (post-) human centered design,  our processes and how they shape our work.

Engaging Design Workshops

Futures | Design

If your team is interested in how an alternative futures perspective can inform your current or prospective work, contact us for more information about our workshops and how to schedule one.


Collateral and Assets

ROROSORO associates also have extensive experience in branding and identity design services. We have helped both startup and seasoned clients refresh their visual and interactive presence on the web and through more traditional print collateral. Contact us for more information.

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